HEXED is a new metal band from Sweden, taking its place on the heavy metal scene.

HEXED is a genius blend of thick driving rhythms, melodic and sometimes progressively orientated, but always with catchy chorus lines and strong powerful female vocals.

HEXED was formed by vocalist Tina and lead-guitar/vocalist Stellan in Uppsala Sweden. They picked up their music after years away from the metal scene with intentions to record some kind of new Metal Project, but soon it all ended up as a whole new band. Bassplayer Daniel Håkansson were chosen to take Place and along with Teddy Möller on drums HEXED was formed and complete as a band. The first single and video release ”Dreams” was launched in the beginning of May 2016. The first EP ”Exhaling Life” was released in a limited edition March 30 2017, it contained 3 tracks.

HEXED debut album ”Netherworld” is going to be released soon. The album contains 10 tracks, the album will also include some well-known guest singers.
In due time, metal fans around the globe will be split into two groups, those who already are HEXED and those who are about to be!……Are you HEXED yet?!!

exhaling_page4.final © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

We are Hexed

Tina Gunnarsson – Lead Vocals, backing vocals.

Gear: Line 6 XD-V30, Shure SM58 Beverages: Prefering Rum and wines and of course coffee. Earlier bands: Tradore, Nebraska, Mellow Poetry, Detained. Other interests are: The Human mind, Stars, Farming, Outdoor Life, Health and Food.


Teddy Möller – Drums

Gear: Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Evans Heads and Artbeat Sticks Beverages: Fernet Branca, Fireball and the mighty Barone! Earlier and present bands: Mellow Poetry, Mayadome, F.K.U, Satans Kadaver, Loch Vostok. Other interests are: Family, Carpenting, Sex and Cooking.


Stellan Gunnarsson – Lead Guitars, vocals and keys

Gear: Ibanez, Kemper, Lundgren Pickups, Dunlop picks, D’addario Strings Beverages: Fine Whiskey, Fine Beers and Strong Coffee. Earlier bands: Bacchus Other interests are: Fishing, Hunting, Outdoor Life, Cooking and Carpenting.


Daniel Håkansson – Bass

Gear: Yamaha, Fafner Beverages: Beer especially the Modus Hoperandi! Earlier bands: Biomasticator, Them Tyrants,  Zionide and more. Other interests are: Women, Beers and videogames.


Christmas & New Year Offer!! Buy this cool t-shirt for only 100 SEK or 10 euro + shipping before 31/12. Order at: Contact@hexed.se###Christmas & New Year Offer!!### Buy this cool T-shirt for only 100 SEK or 10 euro + shipping before 31/12. We also have Girlie T´s available with the same design. Order at: Contact@hexed.se